Findalift is a network of locally owned and operated businesses solving problems too big for a human.

Lifting and moving loads on-site with a 4wd mobile wheeled loader by a skilled, licensed, and trained operator is our core service.

If you are interested in owning your own business, regional licenses are available.

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Bulk handling

Pallet handling

Truck loading

Shed cleaning and grading

Event hire

Spraying and cleaning

Hay and straw moving

Bale and drum handling

Bulk bag handling

Horticulture work

Stump grinding

Site levelling

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On road & off road

  • Registered for use on public roads
  • Traffic management available
  • 4wd including diff lock
  • Roll cage, seatbelts, lights, indicators, reversing beeper

Mobile & flexible

  • Can meet anywhere anytime

Versatile (Quick hitch attachments)

  • Bucket
  • Pallet forks
  • Bale forks
  • Clamps
  • Sweepers
  • Blades


  • 1.6tonne lifting capacity
  • Light machine weight 2.7tonne
  • 2.5mtr pivot point/ lifting height
  • 1.7mtr bucket dumping height
  • 1.2m wide x 4.1m long x 2.3m high machine dims
  • Pivot steering for tight turning radius

Personal service

  • Licensed, trained and skilled operator
  • Franchised owned and operated